6 early signs of hearing loss

6 Early Signs of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss may develop slowly over time and may be difficult for you or others to notice significant differences.  Being knowledgable of the signs can help you to recognize the issue and take steps to improve your hearing.  


1)  Needing to turn up the TV or music to hear the dialog

2)  Difficulty following what people are saying when there is background noise

3)  People never seem to speak loud enough

4)  Difficulty locating where sounds are coming from

5)  Phone conversations or video calls are difficult to hear

6)  Ringing or buzzing in your ears (tinnitus)

If there are a few on this list that are true for you, you may want to considering a hearing test.  Even if only some are true for you, developing a base line for where your hearing is today can also help to diagnose future issues if your hearing deteriorates over several years.